Le Rianon 

Vacance Rurale 


We are Rob and Erica Poolman and wish you a warm welcome to our little piece of paradise.

We live here since 2015 with our kids Duncan and Thijmen.

One day we realized that there must be more than this stressfull life.

We wanted what is important to us; a more authentic meaningfull life, nature, peace and quiet.

Our farmhouse is located halfway on a south slope and used to be part of the Beaufort castle. How the old farm is, we do not know exactly but it is mentioned on one of the first maps of  France, the maps of Cassini in the 18th century.

At our farm the chickens are roaming free around the yard.

They search for anything edible and lay the tastiest eggs.

They are an authentic Limousin breed.

We also raise Mangalitsa pigs. Their meat is of excellent quality and is rich in omega-3 fats. More than 2 times as much as oily fish. It is an old Hungarian breed that needs time to grow and get a nice marbling.


We also have horses. These are not for the meat though! But purely for recreational purposes. Emma is a Friesian mare and Apache was an 30+ old horse  enjoying her retirement but sadly she passed away last year. Emma has now a donkey to keep her company and her name is Luna.

There are many more animals on our property. A lot of the species are rare in the Netherlands or other parts of Europe.

Like the european tree frog and the garden dormouse. This mouse is here in the picture is hibernating.