Le Rianon 

Vacance Rurale 


Is your horse ready to retire and do you want your horse to have a permanent home where he is optimally cared for and enjoying his retired life? We can offer that for your horse! We are a small horse livery in the Creuse, the pure and unspoilt heart of France.

Why should you place your horse with us in France? 

We run a small farm with a B&B, cottage and campsite. 

The horses are turned out in small groups, have plenty of space and throughout the year. This is very important for a healthy horse. The horses stay in a fixed group at all times so the ranking is determined.

Due to the mild climate in the Creuse horses can stay in the fields all year. They also get unlimited untreated hay from our own land. The horses can go in to their run in shed whenever they want. We check the horses twice a day. Every two months they get a farrier checkup. Four times a year the horses are dewormed and annually checked by a vet.

 If you wish for extra care for your horse such as extra cereals , blankets, extra care etc, ask us about the possibilities.  Good communication with the owner is very important to us. To stay on top of your horse, we will send you regular photos / videos. Besides running our small horse livery, we also run a B&B. Making it an ideal combination to visit your horse and have a holiday in France!

In brief, what are the benefits to you will put your horse in our Creuse?

  •  Plenty of good grazing horse grass and unlimited hay
  •  Healthy clean air
  •  Social life in a group
  •  optimal care
  •  A permanent home
  •  small scale
  •  Located at a B&B

 For more information / questions, please contact us!