Vacance Rurale 


Right in the green heart of France, nestled among rolling green hills and gnarly old oak forests, lies our farmhouse Le Rianon.

  On a 13-hectare estate lies the old farmhouse Le Rianon, halfway up the southern slope of the hill Beaufort, overlooking the valley of the Petit Creuse and the ancient Toulx-Sainte-Croix in the background.

The Creuse is one of the less populated region of france where time seems to have stood still.

No big-bigger-biggest mentality but modesty prevails in this region.

Ideal to unwind, slow down and relax.

Nothing should, anything goes.

  You can stay at our b&b, cottage or with your own caravan or tent on our mini-campsite.

You can also order our breakfast service and join us for a cozy dinner.

  What are you waiting for? Book now and enjoy your well deserved rest.