Vacance Rurale 

 The Creuse is the green heart of France and also the less populated. It is one of the most untouched beautiful regions of France. With rolling hills, stone walls, small hedges and treelined lanes. Mass tourism hasn’t reached this area of France. This makes the region still really authentic. The real Creusois hold on to traditions and looks suspiciously at technological gadgets. Why buy a new car if the old one still works? That's probably why there are a lot of old cars driving around here.The many ancient abbeys, castles, mills and churches prove that this region has been inhabited for centuries by the Creusoise population.



Every Thursday morning there is a large regional market.

Boussac is a small village just 8 kilometers away. Enthroned on its rock, high above the valley of the Petite Creuse, is the magnificent Château de Boussac, it was built in the 12th century and severely damaged during the Hundred Years’ War and rebuilt in the 15th century by Jean Jeanne de Brosse, a companion of Jeanne d'Arc. This romantic place was in the 19th century a source of inspiration for the writer George Sand who frequently stayed and wrote her novel "Jeanne” here. Nowadays one can pay a visit and discover the Chamber of the Guards, the room of George Sand and also the antique furniture, woodwork and multiple tapestries.

The famous tapestry "The Lady and the Unicorn" is found here and have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.


The Chapel of Saint Martin. On the spot where now Toulx-Sainte-Croix is located, was in the Gallo-Roman times the  settlement Tullum. One suspects that in the place where now the cemetery of the ruined chapel Saint Martin is located once was a Gallo-Roman sanctuary. Excavations have to clarify this. The Romanesque church of the town is one of the oldest in the department Creuse. The granite Church have carved images of lions and holds sarcophagi of limestone from the Merovingian period (450-750).

The observation tower offers a magnificent view. With clear weather the view reach from the Berry as far as the Auvergne and even the snowy peaks of the Puy de Dome.

On the mountain Barlot lies Les Pierres Jaumaitres. These magical granite giants seemed to be dropped by someone in ancient times. There are many tales about the origin of the rocks . One tells about giants and the other about witches, druids and fairies. Every rock has its own name as the Seesaw, Frog, Sugar loafs, the Chapel and the Devil's Cradle.

The moss-covered stone walls and chestnut forests provide a mystical atmosphere. 

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